A Journey of Discernment Toward
Discovery of Dignity

“Be HOLY for I, the LORD your God, am HOLY.” Leviticus 19:2

SANCTUS seeks to serve as a pre-discernment opportunity to begin to open young people to understanding the value of their baptismal dignity as promoted by the Second Vatican Council. Building upon the knowledge and tools gained through SANCTUS2020, we hope young Catholics will then be empowered to pursue more explicit paths of discernment.

SANCTUS is sponsored by the

Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey.

SANCTUS2020 is a multiple-day Catholic conference that seeks to provide opportunities to young Catholics to explore and discern the universal call to holiness on a personal level through liturgy/sacraments, community with other young Catholics, and formation.



SANCTUS encourages young Catholics to discover their authentic identity in God to more fully pursue a life of holiness. Through this journey, they discern the strengths and gifts which contribute to their sense of vocation and mission.

Offering an encounter of faith, SANCTUS inspires youth and young adults to uncover their dignity in pursuing a life of conversion toward God’s invitation to be a presence of grace in a broken world.