Updated 8/12/2019


Why the SANCTUS 2020 Conference?

Mission Statement: SANCTUS encourages young Catholics to discover their authentic identity in God to more fully pursue a life of holiness. Through this journey, they discern the strengths and gifts which contribute to their sense of vocation and mission. Offering an encounter of faith, SANCTUS inspires youth and young adults to uncover their dignity in pursuing a life of conversion toward God’s invitation to be a presence of grace in a broken world.


What makes this conference different from a vocation discernment retreat?

This conference seeks to cultivate each individual’s personal call to holiness, first and foremost. This event does not promote one vocation over another (i.e., religious life, priesthood, marriage, etc.). With the tools acquired at this conference, each participant would be able to go and discern how their vocation to holiness is to be lived out in their particular state of life.

SANCTUS seeks to serve as a pre-discernment opportunity to begin to open young people to understanding the value of their baptismal dignity as promoted by the Second Vatican Council. Building upon the knowledge and tools gained through SANCTUS, we hope young Catholics will then be empowered to pursue more explicit paths of discernment, such as attending a discernment retreat.


What makes this conference different from and complementary to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Youth Conference or the Southwest Catholic Youth Conference?

This conference is open to the youth of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and neighboring dioceses (including Diocese of Gallup, Diocese of Las Cruces, Diocese of Lubbock, and Diocese of Pueblo). This conference is the fruit of collaborative forces who have a wide expertise in youth ministry within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, including representatives from various religious congregations whose ministerial outreach and canonical position seek to serve the wider Catholic community of the region.

The SANCTUS Team’s end goal is to foster an awareness of personal holiness and how that is lived out in the day-to-day, and to encourage young Catholics to become more involved in and with their respective dioceses as they discern their gifts, talents, and various vocational calls. This is a very particular mission with a directed and targeted objective. The ASF Youth Conference covers a diversity of topics relevant to the Christian journey, not an explicit focus on the universal call to holiness. The SWCYC focuses primarily on issues of chastity and life.

SANCTUS is intentionally scheduled apart from these other diocesan conferences to allow young people to participate in and benefit from the fruits born of these diverse opportunities to grow in their faith.


How does this conference benefit youth?

This conference seeks to encourage young Catholics toward deeper faith and to discover for themselves what holiness is and its relevance to their lives. It also seeks to equip them with essential life skills (i.e., navigating a schedule, networking and making meaningful connections with their peers, discovering their strengths and gifts, etc.).

More than just these particular life skills, we hope through this experience, youth will come to understand that they possess a value, dignity, and call that transcends the particular challenges of a task-centered world driven by materialism and ego. We hope it will plant seeds for them to pursue lives of meaning and purpose rooted in their baptismal identity.

SANCTUS provides an encounter with a broader sense of Church, tradition and vocation than most youth ordinarily see and know up-close

  • A diversity of vocations and individuals who represent and live out facets of the Christian life.

  • Exposure to and integration of various forms of liturgical prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic Adoration, and the celebration of the Eucharist).

With the collaboration of our speakers, we are hoping to develop pre and post conference materials to support ministers in walking with their young people through the ongoing questions of holiness, call, and discernment. We hope that this will help both prepare youth well for the conference experience and help them to better integrate the experience when they return home.


Is this an overnight event?

No, it is a multiple-day conference with a start time and end time each day. No activities before or after these times are organized or sponsored by SANCTUS.


Why is this conference a multiple-day event?

By facilitating a multiple-day conference, the SANCTUS Team seeks to provide opportunities to young Catholics to explore the universal call to holiness through various means which exceed the time afforded in a single day event. As the call to holiness can be difficult to understand, especially for younger Catholics, SANCTUS 2020 will allow them to discover and discern this call on a more personal level through liturgy/sacraments, community with other young Catholics, and formation.